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About us

Jimmy industrial limited is a high-tech company in LED illuminating industry,.We are a professtional manufacturer,international export wholesaler which is located in Shenzhen city Guangdong province China.we have 6 electronics engineers,4 Lighting illuinating engineers,4 structure engineers for our R&D department,.they are experienced experts of LED illuminating in power-research, structure-design, optics-design and heat-dispersion.

we have our own industrial park,And we have SMD production line,and burn-in test line.some illuminating test machine,.And integral quality control system,.From IQC,FQC,QC,OQC,IPQC,QA,.and integral quality feedback system,coupled with our own strict production standards.Just for manufacturing best products for our cutomers,.And our manufactory already according to ISO 9001:2000 certified management system,.Our all products already passed CE ROHS approvals,.
Our mind products included:
LED spotlights:
MR16 series:MR16-3W,MR16-4W,MR16-6W,MR16-8W
GU10 series:GU10-3W,GU10-4W,GU10-5W,GU10-6W,GU10-8W.
E14&E26/E27 series:E27-3W,E27-4W,E27-5W,E27-6W,E27-8W.
PAR30 and PAR38,PAR30-7W,PAR30-14W,PAR38-9W,PAR38-12W,PAR38-18W,PAR38-24W.
AR111 series, AR111-9W , AR111-12W.

LED Downlight:
3W LED downlight , 5W LED downlights ,6W LED downlight , 7W LED downlights , 9W LED down  lights,12W down lights , 15W LED downlights , 18W led downlights ,21W led downlights ,30W led downlights.

LED Ceiling light:
4W led ceiling light
,7W led ceiling lights ,9W led ceiling light ,12W led ceiling light ,15W led ceiling light ,18W led ceiling light,

G24 LED Lamp:

8W LED G24 Lamp(A), 8W G24 LED Lamp(B), 10W G24 LED(A), 10W LED G24 Bulb, G24 12W LED Lamp(A) 12W G24 LED Light

LED Tube:
T8-3528-60-8W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-60-10W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-90-12W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-90-14W T8 LED Tube, 15W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-120-18W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-120-20W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-120-25W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-150-18W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-150-22W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-150-25W T8 LED Tube, T8-3528-150-30W T8 LED Tube.

T5 LED Tube:

T5-3528-60-8W-led-tube, T5-3528-90-12W-LED-tube, T5-3528-120-18W-LED-tube, T5-3528-150-25W-led-tube.

LED Tracking light:

LED Flood lights:
FL-30W LED Flood Light,. 10W LED Flood Light .FL-20W led flood light  .FL-100W LED Flood Light. 100W LED Floodlight. 150W LED Floodlight, 200W LED Floodlight

LED Wall washer:

WL-9W LED Wall Washer , .WL-18W LED Wall Washer
And etc......

We have powerful R&D team.So we have new products Every month.

For our product's stable performance,We just use the CREE Bridge-Lux,Epi-star,LEDs,.And we use the high quality parts for  power supply,As like,We use IC from USA,and electronics from Japan.For the cost,.We have own power supply parts manufactures,.and control interest housing parts manufactures.So our products have nice quality and competitive price,.

Adhering to the principle of "Customer First, single-minded for produce every products", we will do our utmost to satisfy various requirements from customers all over the world.

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Manufacturer for MR 16 LED,GU10 LED,LED Spotlight,LED downlight,LED ceiling light,LED tube,LED flood light,LED wall washer
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