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LED lights for Restaurant lighting


As a representative of the restaurant, cafes, restaurants, Chinese sprinkled floor, Hong Kong style, desktop restaurant, a rapid increase in the number of parts, increasing competition, most food businesses are faced with the situation of falling profits. Whether to give guests a comfortable dining environment, but also as a food and beverage outlets to attract customers accesible important way of consumption, as Chinese restaurants, in order to attract customers, the cost for lighting the flower, often to the store decorated luxury, the magnificent . The restaurant, coffee shop as the representative of decoration, the mood to pay attention to the soft colors, with exotic, romantic lighting effects. Leisure guests of the body and mind to adapt.

LED Lighting throughout the restaurant features a restaurant

1, welcoming foyer
Welcoming entrance hall is to guide customers into the dining area from the excessive space. Enthusiastic reception hall smile, polite manners need good lighting to be emphasized. At this point the best use of adjustable lighting grid, with the warm color is high (3300K, LED ceiling lamp lighting can also be strong here with decorative lights, lanterns and other such days, by way of uniform light distribution so achieve a higher brightness level, combined with the application of natural light.

If the hallway is longer, pay attention to the entrance hall and dining area with the effective brightness of the interface in order to avoid a sudden bright light to shuttle between customers in different regions discomfort; welcoming dining hall also reflects the importance of the regional level, the relative would be more decorative taste high, in the lighting design should pay attention to the coherence and overall decor

The top part of the decorative structure can be used with lights hidden way, a rich space of shape level. With a warm yellow light (3300K), and strong color reproduction (color rendering Ra> 80) of the energy source. Uniform light distribution by way of the water level to a higher brightness (illumination 300LUX); lunch meet the living room could be considered natural color (4300K) light applications

Recommended our LED Lights

1,Chinese Restaurant

1, LED Downlight: DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W.( Warm White 3300K. )
2, LED Grid Light: GL-12W, GL-24W.GL-36W ( Warm White 3300K )
3, LED Bulb: Y-BL-5W, Y-BL-6W, Y-BL-7W.( Warm White 3300K )

2, Western Restaurant,Coffee house.

1, LED Downlight: DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W.( Warm White 3300K. )
2, LED Spotlight: MR16-4W, MR16-5W.MR16-6W.( Warm White 3300K )
3, LED Bulb: BL-3W, BL-5W, BL-6W.( Warm White 3300K )

2, restaurant hall:
Restaurant is the heart of the restaurant, the use of color rendering and good food warm color lighting. Different forms of the restaurant, the choice of light, brightness distribution, there is some difference in lighting methods, such as fast food restaurants dining part of the required high brightness, leaving the restaurant with little change in the method are very bright, uniform distribution can be used warm downlight . Advanced restaurants can use the adjustable optical system produces brightness changes necessary to create a soft and comfortable communication environment. Decorated with smallpox, the use of downlights, lighting grid to achieve the overall lighting; such as ceiling decoration with a dark groove structure, can be used with the decorative lighting lamps

Recommended Our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight: DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.( Warm White 3300K, Beam: 60 )
2, LED Bulb: BL-3W, BL-5W, BL-7W.( Warm White 3300K )
3, LED Strip Light: FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33.( Warm White 3300K Or RGB )
4, LED Spotlight series: MR16-4W, MR16-5W, MR16-8W

3, Restaurant and coffee shop

1, LED Downlight: DL-3W, DL-4W, DL-5W, DL-7W.( Warm White 3300K, Beam: 60 )
2, LED Bulb: BL-3W, BL-5W, BL-7W.( Warm White 3300K )
3, LED Strip light: FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33.( Warm White 3300K or RGB )
4, LED spotlight: MR16-4W, MR16-5W, MR16-8W.( Warm White 3300K, Beam: 30 )

3, Restaurant Bar
Restaurant bar is to give customer service, billing and wine display area. Brightness is very important, you can configure a small spotlight or lighting grid lighting, table and wine cooler to focus on lighting

Recommended our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight: DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.( Warm White 4300K, Beam: 60 )
2, LED Strip light: FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33.( 4300K or RGB )
3, LED spotlight: MR16-4W, MR16-5W, MR16-8W

3, private room
Outstanding restaurants, personalized rooms, to provide customers with a relatively independent of space for meetings and exchanges. Private room of the many aspects of artistic painting and other decorations, lanterns and searchlights lighting by day, while the correlation with the main dining room table to focus on lighting fixtures, highlighting the cuisine of the rich and color. Since the space is relatively small rooms, as far as possible to prevent the glare of lamps for lighting.

Recommended our LED Light

1, LED dwonlight: DL-3W, DL-4W, DL-5W, DL-7W.( 3300K, 6000K, Beam: 60 )
2, LED Spotlight: PAR38-12W, PAR30-7W.( 3300K, or 6000K, )
3, LED strip light: FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33.( 3300K, or 6000K, RGB )
4, LED spotlight: MR16-4W, MR16-5W, MR16-8W.( 3300K, or 6000K, Beam: 45 )

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