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LED Lights for Clothing & Accessories stores.

As social and economic development and people's living standards improve, people demand more and more commercial space high. Lighting is an important part of shop space, one of lighting design to attract and guide the attention of consumers

Through each room lighting environment, create a spectacular display space and display the image, using a variety of lighting techniques showcase the theme apparel store brand image, make people think, evoke resonate with consumers, the establishment of the emotional exchange with consumers AC

Restore the product itself Lighting plays the role of color and texture, through changes in light and shade to create a light atmosphere full of artistic display of results

Lighting for the reception and cash register work of functional lighting; for the shop to create the overall display of results to provide artistic lighting;

Characteristics of various types of stores:

Such shops operated by the costumes, all priced in the hundred dollars or more for the brand and style consumers have certain requirements, pay attention to some of the contrast in the lighting, fully embody the brand's positioning, emphasizing the brand culture to create and image display, have emotional impact on consumer awareness

1, Professional Men's Store

Higher priced goods as apparel. Will display a large number of models, focusing on showing the dress of results, the overall atmosphere of the elegant warm white light-based, uniform light to enhance the comfort of the customer in the shop

Professional men as consumers face higher level white-collar workers, store lighting design should not only reflect the clothing texture, but also pay attention to the choice of lighting the match with the overall style store. Key recommendation of the clothing style and brand image of the wall can be selected according to the actual situation of high efficiency Ceiling light, track lights and spotlights for accent lighting combined grill

Professional Women shop, consumers are usually professional women white-collar women in the office, they have a very strong brand awareness and the clothing standards. Store contains a large number of beautiful props, all imbued with Petty Bourgeoisie. Overhangs combined with a good display of lighting effects to create atmosphere in shops is the most powerful way to increase sales

Face of such shops is a white-collar workers with higher levels of consumption, more concerned with the overall design of the clothing store lighting expressive intensity of the visual impact can be considered in the light of different functional areas use high efficiency ceiling lamps, track lights and the group of qualified Grid spotlights and other denim clothing, denim clothing itself contains a series of bold, bold, expansive concept of dress, which is related to its own cultural positioning. Shop for lighting too bright not to pursue, but be sure to emphasize the contrast and light appearance to conform to the concept of dress dress

In order to create a cowboy clothing store overall rugged, bold style, lighting, special emphasis on changes in light and shade, enhancing the visual impact. Selection should consider the appearance of the individual lamps strong ceiling lamps, track lights

Sports apparel, itself contains a healthy, vibrant, youthful clothing concept. Lighting in the shop, stressed that the high illumination, high contrast between the bright atmosphere, not too fancy props, to the concept of simple movements, "I exercise, I'm happy!" For the purpose. Family clothing stores sports lighting is mainly on account of two different kinds of store decoration style, there is a ceiling, adjustable angle luminaries should be used mainly reflects the overall simple, crisp rhythm. Another no ceiling, you can choose, or sleek suspended luminaire

Cheap clothing stores, such shops to the tens of dollars to dozens of special goods or commodities primarily seasonal, characterized by rapid consumption, similar to the supermarkets. For lighting to create a bright atmosphere of the pursuit of visual experience and effect of high-brightness display of goods

Recommended our LED Lights

1.Backdrop: MR16-4W, Backdrop with lights and replacement program: MR16-4W with a stent instead of 35W halogen, MR16-8W 50W halogen lamp with stand replacement hormone,

Should pay attention to lighting and the illuminated object and the background wall of the content from the size of the hole location and select the appropriate number of lamps

2. Model and image sub-window with the lights and replace program. Such local accent lighting with a requirement to achieve bright. Can be based on the actual situation. Using Y-TL-12W track lights, Y-GL-12W, Bean pot lamp, Y-DL- 18W, Y-GL-21W ceiling light

Monitor glare of light treatment and multi-angle mounting position cast light on the model, through changes in light and dark, reflecting the overall sense of three-dimensional feeling better by the reduction of the light texture of the fabric unique

3. Wardrobe and exhibition displays, stores in the region for the main sales regions, in order to strengthen the garment visual impact, increase consumer desire to buy, consider the selection of track lighting, ceiling lamp, bean pot lamp

Recommended our LED Lights

LED Downlight & LED grid Light
DL-12W, DL-15W, GL-24W, GL36W, TL-12W,.
DL-7W, DL-9W.
LED track light
TL-9W, TL-7W
(Product image) part of the lighting requirements are not very high place, you can use DL-7W, DL-9W. TL-9W, TL-7W

(Product Photo) Showcase LED on top of the Department of aluminum can be our light,

AL-72. Note: pay attention to the size of openings and opening the distance, in order to choose the size of the lamp lighting angle. According to

4. In the Island display. Can use high-power LED Downlight, DL-15W, DL-18W,. And GL-36W,.

It is best to consider using small angle light and improve the level of illuminance values, to facilitate customers to choose the color and size to suit their own appropriate clothing, avoiding dark can not be carefully screened, resulting in sales failure. Also note that the color temperature of light used to meet the store's image

5, LED Light in Channel and room lighting:

Channel and room lighting: You can use our LED T8 tube series, and LED Bulbs. And our LED tube light series.

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