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LED Lighting in Hotel

Hotels are divided into business type and the type of resort and tourism, business-type hotel prominent office, meetings, business dinners and other functions, often prominent tourist holiday resort hotel and leisure functions. But this distinction is relative, their function is often cross-cutting. According to the hotel investment and consumption level can be divided into economic, chain type, star hotels. The hotel does not and the lighting system is an integral part of the excellent lighting applications for customers bring safe and comfortable light environment, but also highlight the hotel's quality and taste, bringing added value to the hotel.

Lighting throughout the mall features:

1, hall
Hall Space is divided into the main entrance lobby, main hall, service station and rest area total. This area lighting should be consistent, the use of warm light through the brightness and contrast, form a rich taste, continuous, and there are ups and downs of the light and dark transition and create a whole atmosphere of cordial welcome

The hotel offers guests the main hall is a waiting place for the exchange, but also reflects the hotel grade, an important place to attract guests to stay in space, pay more attention to the strong decorative

Recruited by the Office of lighting a large space for the level and shape according to the different lights with different programs. Tall space can be used as a basis for energy-saving lighting, down light

The top part of the decorative structure can be used with lights hidden way, a rich space of shape level. With a warm yellow light (3300K), and strong color reproduction (color rendering Ra> 80) of the energy source
Uniform light distribution by way of the water level to a higher brightness (illumination 300LUX); star hotel could be considered the main hall of the application of natural lighting

At the same time keep in mind when using artificial lighting and the overall decoration of the environment consistent. For customers can exchange each other's face clearly visible and details
LED Grid Light can be used as accent lighting, by hidden lamps, wall lamps emphasize the decorative quality star hotel

Recommended our LED Lights

1,LED Ceiling Light:DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.( Warm White 3300K, Beam:60 )

2,LEDCeiling Light: CL-18W, CL-25W.CL-9W, CL-4W ( Warm White 3300K )

3,LED Strip Light:FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33( Warm White 3300K ,RGB )

2,the main entrance

Including the entrance and lobby entrance lobby, is the transition into the hotel room, guests need to clearly show the location of the entrance guidelines, in addition to create a comfortable visual environment, but also for its friendly atmosphere for emphasis. Energy saving downlights used here to give a basic function of lighting, indirect lighting also can be used the way, the LED lights in the ceiling with hidden structure within the top groove, through the ceiling illuminate the structure of a rich layering of space in the region, to the customers leave a good first impression

Recommended our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight:DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.Warm White 3300K, Beam:60 )

2, LED Ceiling Light: CL-15W, CL-18W.CL-9W, CL-7W   ( Warm White 3300K )

3, LED Strip Light:FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33( Warm White 3300K ,RGB )

4, LED Spotlight:MR16-4W, MR16-5W, MR16-8W, ( Warm White 3300K, Beam:60 )

3, Elevator hall

Elevator hall lighting by combining functional and decorative lighting way. Wide choice of light down light illuminate on the overall environment, with narrow light down light or ceiling light with accent lighting on the elevator, the choice of 4000K-4300K ​​(natural light) light, bright light has a direct role in the environment, and to customers with to feel safe. Star style for the shape and taste, while ensuring the integrity of other space, increase the wall, ceiling and other decorative lighting dark way trough.

Recommended our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight: DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.Nature whtie 4300K, Beam:60 or 45 )

2, LEDCeiling Light: CL-18W, CL-25W.CL-9W, CL-4W   ( Nature whtie 4300K )

3, LED Strip Light: FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33 ( Warm White 3300K ,RGB )

4, LED spotlight:MR16-4W, MR16-5W, MR16-8W,( Nature whtie 4300K, Beam:60 or 45 )

4, Guest room
Guest room is a place to rest, not too bright lighting requirements, it is important to give a quiet and comfortable light environment, giving guests a quiet, romantic and comfortable atmosphere
Ceiling, ceiling light used to focus light. Of course, also arranged in the top ceiling ceiling lamp or LED LED bulb as a basis for lighting, light color is not too strong. Consider the LED light, LED light source features a rich color. Bed: bed placed in the seat of local lighting table lamp or floor lamps, wall lamps for lighting or to use

Recommended our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight:DL-3W, DL-4W, DL-5W, DL-7W.( 3300K, 6000K, Beam:45 or 60 )

2, LED Ceiling light: CL-18W, CL-25W.CL-9W, CL-7W   ( 3300K or 6000K )

3, LED strip light: FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33.( 3300K,or 6000K,or RGB )

4, LED spotlight: MR16-4W, MR16-5W, MR16-8W.( 3300K,or 6000K, Beam:45 or 60 )

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