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LED Light for Home Lighting

Home lighting decoration has become a part of modern living environment, has drawn increasing attention. Home lighting can render a good home environment and outstanding design features for our lives to create a warm ambience. In the living area of less than the family, both living place daily activities, but also the reception room. So remove the basic lighting, the need to set the local lighting, such as lamps, wall lamps, floor lamp, etc., in addition to lighting for people outside the range of activities, but also rich in its unique way of lighting the art indoor atmosphere. In general, 12-over 20 square living room should have a basic lighting and local lighting 2-3.

Desktop, face illumination not less than 150lx. Light soft lighting in the living room together with the semi-direct type lighting better, the average intensity should reach 100lx so. Read and write power can be used for lighting a large knot, illumination should reach 200lx. Watching TV, it will have to Mo for the entire interior light dimming, but can not all closed, otherwise the eyes are easily fatigued. So the brightness of the background the TV should meet 30lx, the surrounding environment should reach 3lx

The current situation

In China, the current hotel lighting, the use of Halogen, Incandescent, T8/T5 lamps, U-type and rotary-type energy-saving lamps Luo.
The halogen series, the metal halide lamp metal halide lamp, for example, these lamps with high fever, most of the electrical energy into heat, which translated into very little light, that most of the energy is wasted. Have air-conditioning temperature to lower, it will also indirectly increase the air-conditioning electricity. Conventional phosphor fluorescent tube contains toxic substances such as mercury, arsenic, and so on. . . . Work in the lamp, these toxic substances become harmful gases released. Also contains UV

The advantages of using LED lights

LED is the latest generation of semiconductor lighting, the main advantage of electro-optical conversion efficiency, so the energy saving effect is very obvious, such as: Our 15-watt LED lamps can replace the 40W fluorescent tubes, and non-toxic non-UV, 4W of the spotlight can be instead of 35 watt halogen, 18W for ceiling light 70-watt metal halide lamp can be replaced. In addition, LED is a semiconductor lighting, low heat. All of our lamps, in the work of strong state, its surface temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, while incandescent and halogen lamps series, metal halide lamp at work, the surface temperature of 180 degrees

Lighting features throughout the home

1, thoroughfare
Lighting design in the traditional family, the door openings are often ignored. Contains a passage door openings, entrance, screen and so on, focus on modern life nuanced feelings, in addition to the conventional lights, but also reflect the quality of the key areas home.

Openings into the living room is a necessary space, lighting design is necessary to ensure sufficient brightness, but also to prevent glare. Because of the space is smaller, even with embedded small-scale layout of diffuse downlight, equipped with good color, soft light source, such as high intensity low voltage LED MR16 Series LED spotlights, LED downlights can reach the embedded see the effect of light but not light, reducing the complexity of the entrance structure. If the entrance will be decorated in a mirror, can be used before the mirror in the mirror lighting above, attention should not use mirror light plastic material housing, want to use light and good glass envelope, and with a warm, light and good color

At the same time keep in mind when using artificial lighting and the overall decoration of the environment consistent. For customers can exchange each other's face clearly visible and details

Recommended our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight: DL-3W, DL-5W, DL-7W.( Warm White 3300K , Beam: 60 )

2, LEDCeiling Light: CL-4W, CL-9W   ( Warm White3300K )

2, living room:

The living room is the core area of the home space, family members, relatives and friends visiting the set, it is also their leisure and relaxation space: talking, drinking tea, reading, watching television ... ... the living room is the space reflect the home culture: art, wall , fine coffee, fine texture of the sofa ... ... all of this, requires a different approach to lighting and set off

If you want to create a European luxury Yong Yung-classical style, living mainly in the European iron chandelier, for your appearance can also add a gorgeous space; if you like simple, modern style, this time based lighting section recessed downlight can be used to make the ceiling smooth flawless look. Placed in simple style reception area floor lamp, with warm light, in a small space highlights the warm, welcoming atmosphere parlor talks.

The main light: on the whole living room lighting. More choice of chandeliers or ceiling to diffuse lighting. Containing the fluorescent ceiling can also be used to reflect light. Duplex, duplex living room with high ceiling space suitable arrangement of chandeliers, lamps emphasize the decorative effect. Common living room leveling at about 3 meters high, chandeliers and ceiling lamps can be used, but the height of 2.5 meters, the best use of ceiling, to avoid bringing light to the space oppressive.

TV wall: the ceiling in TV wall install ceiling lamps, downlights, fluorescent lights, or hidden in the TV wall, and create a TV wall silhouette, you can make the eye comfortable and relieve fatigue. Sofa area: on the sofa next to put a floor lamp, or with the lamp, you can create a warm atmosphere, emphasizing the parlor, the enthusiasm of negotiations, but also for family members to read or rest.

Local decoration: in the living room there are paintings, sculptures and other decorative areas, using local lighting spotlights, etc., highlighting the sense of space the living room and artistic taste

Recommended our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight: DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.( Warm White 3300K, Beam Angle: 60 )

2, LED Ceiling Light: CL-18W, CL-25W.CL-9W, CL-7W ( Warm White 3300K )

3, LED strip light: FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33.( Warm White 3300K or RGB )

4, LEDSpotlight: MR16-4W,MR16-5W,MR16-8W.( Warm White 3300K, Beam Angle: 30 )

3, Home Restaurant

Focused restaurant table lighting, warm colors of the light source can be used to create a warm atmosphere, should take full account of the decoration, furniture styles and lighting color, shape matching. While also ensuring the basis of lighting, the brightness suitable for the whole restaurant to create a simple, comfortable dining environment

Recommended our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight: DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.( Nature white 4300K, Beam Angle: 60 )

2, LED Bulb: BL-3W, BL-5W.BL-7W.( Nature white 4300K )

4, Sleeping Room:

Ceiling lighting scheme: The ceiling light for accent lighting. Of course, also arranged in the top of smallpox as a basis for Ceiling lighting, light color is not too strong, so that your privacy be reflected. LED light source features a rich color. Bed: bed placed in the seat of local lighting table lamp or floor lamp, wall lamp for lighting or to use. Also in the bedside cabinet or a wall of 30 cm under the following installation ground lamp, lighting for night activities, and avoided eye Chu Xing when stimulated by light discomfort
Dresser: Do not ignore the bedroom dresser of lighting applications, warm color light mirror light skin color can be a good reduction, while meeting the needs of the brightness of the dressing

Recommended our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight: DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.( Nature white 4300K, Beam Angle: 60 )

2, LED Bulb BL-3W, BL-5W.BL-7W.  ( Nature white 4300K )

3, LED Strip Light: FB300-3528, FB150-5050

4, LEDreading lamp

5, Study Room:
Study the choice of lighting should be fully taken into account not only the brightness, and should take into account the shape, color, decorative, to fit in the study quiet, elegant, with a culture of learning, thinking and creative environment. Proposed fine style ceiling, sheepskin lamps to meet the study's overall brightness. Desk should use strobe low, soft eye color lamp, LED ceiling light hidden inside bookcases, LED lighting, can help you find exactly the book you want, but have a decorative effect. If the study and the rooms used in combination, we must have guarantees beyond the basic ceiling lighting, consider using adjustable table lamp in the bed, or floor-standing lamp with the use.

Recommended our LED Lights

1, LED Downlight: DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.( nature white 4300K, Beam: 60 )

2, LED Bulb: BL-3W, BL-5W.BL-7W.  ( Nature white 4300K )

3, LED Ceiling LightCL-7W, CL-9W.

LED Reading Light

6, Children's Room

Children's natural and lively, curious, sensitive to light, comfortable, personalized and creative lighting to make the child feel happy, peaceful and Enron. On the contrary, simple, rough lighting will produce children reject their own rooms, or even cause loneliness, fear, anxiety, cause the child the illusion of lighting environment, affect their learning, vision, sleep and physical and mental health

Lighting Solutions

Children's room to eliminate shadows and dazzling use of rough, bare light, ceiling light, even and soft lighting in the children's room as a basis, there is not easy to touch, to avoid potential safety problems of the benefits, but need to have a childish face mask appearance. To daily life experiences to determine the child's bedtime like staring at the ceiling moving objects can be used to shake the childish style lights hanging line, shaking the dynamic help children sleep. Generally equipped with three primary colors, low strobe lamps as a light source, if independent desk, should be selected no flicker, no radiation, no noise, good color rendering light source lamp to protect the eyesight of children

Recommended our LED Light

1, LED Bulb:BL-3W, BL-5W.BL-7W.  ( Warm White 4300K )

2, LED Ceiling Light:CL-7W, CL-9W.

LED Reading Room:

7, Kitchen and bathroom:
Kitchen and bathroom main features are: moisture, water, gas and more. Need bright and soft light, no shadows and glare, it was clean and easy. Ceiling downlights or ceiling should be adopted, with compact fluorescent light, to color distinctions, the effect of light color uniform, all lighting should be waterproof, moisture, fog function, to avoid corrosion and occlusion

Recommended our LED Ceiling Light

1, LED Ceiling Light: CL-7W, CL-9W.

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