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LED flood lights for building

Science needs analysis and understanding, appreciation of landscape lighting needs and tastes, artistic intuition requires deep insights whole. Art must be through the light and landscape lighting lighting, to generate vitality. Lighting can change the appearance of the environment, artistic lighting, lighting and color, composition dynamic and static light, sound, color of the landscape, but also shows the sketch of the landscape garden lamps, sculptures of, fashion, an ornament to the natural environment

1, Architectural building lighting

Building body building is a modern urban landscape of the main components, construction of buildings with the body of a city lighting reflects the charm and dynamic, building lighting also gives the body energy and taste. Body building for commercial use lighting to attract customers needs attention or guidance role to play at night

Application of high-power cast floodlights on the building facade lighting or focus structure can be mapped out of the building's tall; use of LED lighting products effects of changes in light of the variety, plasticity, energy saving, can reflect the overall outline or dynamic effects of construction so vivid building
Body building lighting design is to fully consider the surrounding environment-friendly, avoiding interference with pedestrian lights, the sight of vehicles and residents. Body to vote on the floor, flood lighting should be glare control measures, lighting installation should be reasonable and should be used within the through the appropriate lighting fixtures and control glare and dynamic lighting properly controlled. Building the body uses high-power light source generally, so there should be a reasonable energy conservation and control measures

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2, Landscape lighting
Landscape lighting should meet two main functions: First, light the garden landscape at night; but to meet the visitors to view the guidelines and safety at night. Lawn of the garden with decorative lighting at night, while the landscape during the day can also play a decorative aesthetic effect, floodlights delicate, small, hidden, and on the sculptures, rockeries, trees, and other attractions for accent lighting, landscape lighting not only has Decorative attractions. Landscape lighting to use more heat dissipation, light weight, strong mechanical properties of aluminum alloy lamps

Landscape lighting should be minimal, light in color, but also control the lamp's glare. As more exposed to outdoor lighting, protective measures should be high. At the same time, landscape lighting should also pay attention on the surrounding environment and the impact of living

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3, city water, including small lakes, rivers, fountains, water features and other natural or man-made, using the performance projection lighting, water dynamics, contour lighting reflects the general outline of the water and the formation of light and shadow in the water. LED underwater lights, energy saving, environmental protection and safety, and colorful changes through intelligent control to achieve the effect of general underwater lights can also be achieved by changing the light colors Symphony effects. Installed in the water must be safe voltage lighting, lamps should not affect other functions using water features, lighting installation environment protection requirements to be met

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