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LED Lights for the mall lighting

Mall and Shopping plaza not only give a place for shopping, Moreover it's a place for entertainment and leisure, So The mall need good illumination.Can be give the good ambience of leisure and shopping to Clients. As a result,The client will be cheerful.And stopover at the market in more time,Nice design of the illumination,.Can be helpful with the cleint to discern the impress of merchandises.

2,Everywhere lighting features in the Mall

(1),Entrance of mall
Entrance of mall for show Client’s first impression,and high flow clients,So must be construct and lightful ambience, rouse the client’s consumption consciousness.Also the lightful space make the clients’s safety feeling

Recommend the kind of LED lights for entrance

LED grid lights,
ceiling lihts
DL-18W, DL-21W


Both sides of Escalator need the Lighting for clients walking.Use the Led strip light hide on the ceiling, make clients safety feeling,Under the Escalator install the LED downlight or LED ceiling light,Its lighting for under Level escalator.
   Turning space between the escalator,It's a place of high flow clients,Alos it's a space for show the merchandise informaiton.Use the LED Downlights and LED ceiling lights for Accent lighting
Recommend the kind of LED lights for Escalator

LED grid lights,
GL-24W, GL-12W.
LED Downlgihts
DL-7W, DL-9W, DL-12W, DL-15W.

LED Tubes

(3)sales area
The place is the most important part on everywhere sales area is Basics of Illuminant,Moreever the place can be increase the client’s impress, Describe the characteristics of the merchandise part of the basis lighting,And the sales area allow the lighting have own Personality,But the personality can not conflict with the Overall Lighting in the mall,Use the Led downlight and LED grid light for illumination for Accent lighting,Use the LED tube and Led bulbs for space lighting.

For Prominent the merchandise’s third dimension, materials and colo,Increasing expectations of customers for merchandises,Can be use the LED spotlight,LED downlight,LED grid light for accent lighting with model, storage racks and LOGO.Use high LED Lights,Because its have high CRI,.For the merchandises show in glass Counter,.Use the LED bar Light and small spotlights,If the brightness not enough,.Use the LED downlights for accent lighting,.For increase the third dimension of merchandises.

Recommend the kind of LED lights for sales area.
LED spotlight series,.
LED Ceiling lights,
CL-9W, CL-12W, CL-25W, CL-30W
LED downlight series,
LED tube series.
LED Bar Light

(4)Service Desk
The service desk is a place for give the service to client. Use the LED downlight for illumination,.To achieve high brightness for writing and consignation and etc on desk,.Actually,the big mall have the background wall on said of service desk for show the positioning and culture,.Use the LED downlight and LED tracking Light for illumination,and accent lighting,.

Recommend the kind of LED lights for service desk

LED spotlights
LED Downlight
LED Tracking light

(5)The thoroughfare in the mall
The mall is a place of high flow clients,The good illumination can be vectoring the client find right place and right merchandises,.So the illumination must be brightness and blance,Use the LED ceiling lights or LED bulbs can be arrived this request.

Recommend the kind of LED lights for Thoroughfare
LED bulb
BL-5W, BL-7W,DL-9W
LED Ceiling Light

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