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LED Lighting for Jewelry house

Decorative jewelry jewelers in the pursuit of noble, magnificent style. Shop jewelry, dazzling and bright. In order to make the visual effects more strongly evident, must rely on proper lighting. As precious jewelry products, fine, small, safe and personalized display for consideration in the form of a counter and window display, in the light irradiation with a full luxury

Color of light itself issued a "light color", and the jewelry light source reflected by the color generally known as "surface color." Apart from some with fluorescent or phosphorescent effects of precious stones, jewelry itself is not luminous

Although the appreciation of the natural light source natural stone ideal, but in actual sales, driven by space constraints, businesses tend to choose artificial light for lighting. How to use just the right light to show the value of jewelry jewelers who are increasingly becoming issues of concern. Some jewelers in the decorative store or counter, generally only pay attention to light should be bright enough so that the overall feeling of the store gorgeous, magnificent, but they ignore the proportion of light distribution, making the sale of the subject and there is no difference between non-subject, counter the the lack of layering jewelry display

In addition to the bright lights too unnecessary waste, its heat and electromagnetic radiation will destroy the object itself has the color and luster, especially on some organic gems, such as pearls, coral, amber, etc. The structure and chemical composition will affect . In addition, according to research psychologist, dazzling lights will be on the customer and jewelry store sales personnel caused by the emotional impact, but also affect the success rate of jewelry trade.

The advantages of using LED lamps

The nature of the jewelry itself has a high light requirements, such as

High luminous efficiency (80lm / W );--- LED's efficiency: 100LM / W or more

Low heat radiation; --- LED cold light system
Color is good; --- LED color rendering index of 85 or more

Uniform light color, bright colors vivid; --- as long as the attention light distribution, LED with high color rendering index, is the best option

Try and keep the textile and dull, brittle plastic (UV );--- LED Hair no UV light.

Throughout the effective life of constant light and color; --- LED life of up to 50,000 hours or more

Not sensitive to temperature change; --- temperature does not cause LED color temperature shift.

Long service life, economic and durable; --- LED life of up to 50,000 hours or more. Compared with the traditional metal halide lamps, energy saving cost-effective.

Dramatic lighting, light colors used: yellow, neutral white and daylight white. --- LED color temperature section of rich, dawn of the engineers required under jewelry, suggested the use of the appropriate color temperature of LED lamps

lighting features throughout the mall

1, Overall lighting jewelry store

Jewelry store lighting should adopt the basic medium of 4500K color temperature of natural white light, and accent lighting products are the formation of visual contrast, so that goods become more prominent. The gentle and the sun white color also can eliminate the tension and strangeness customers. Maximize the use of energy-saving down light for diffuse illumination, allowing customers to produce effective visual effects, to attract customers into the stores of natural purpose and the interior light harmony to create an atmosphere of stability and trade. Throughout the store to set the default scene lighting control equipment for the street closing windows can be retained in the local lighting

LED Lighting configuration recommendations

1, LED Downlight: DL-4W, DL-7W.DL-9W, DL-18W, DL-25W, DL-30W( Nature wihte4300K )
2, LED Strip light: FB300-5050-60-IP65, FB300-5050-60-IP33

2, shopwindow:
The valuable gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, pearls with jade and other commodities in the form of window displays, coupled with high brightness, high color lighting, depicts the detailed technology jewelry and high light color.

The window suspended halogen lighting with spotlights, according to the angle, suspension height difference, to display the jewelry in order to emphasize different aspects of lighting, light sources overlap, the jewelry can be refracted and reflected light from all directions, resulting in stunning visual impact, the desire to stimulate customers to buy.

Ideal location is in the cloth of light before the top of the diamond jewelry, taking care to let the light overlap, so the diamond can be refracted and reflected light from all directions. To enhance lighting effects, when the diamond when placed in a dark background, should increase the density or the installation of lighting lighting lighting and diamond closer distance.

Require special attention not to let the light is too dazzling bright, the atmosphere of the transaction. Should be possible to use lamps and energy-saving lamps for diffuse lighting, indoor light, harmony, and create a stable atmosphere. Diamond can also be flexibility in the use of light, halogen lamp, using its radiation characteristics of distance, both to ensure the bright eye-catching counters, and marketing to create a comfortable atmosphere

Professional lighting, modern jewelry has long been beyond the "bright enough" level. Reasonable, scientifically arranged jewelry lighting lighting can not only save costs, landscaping store, and can indirectly increase trade, "turnover rate", received "multiplier" effect.

In a different light on the jewelry, but also pay attention to the mix of light and color. Gold can be used cold light illumination; silver class should adopt daylight

LED Lighting configuration recommendations

1,LED Downlight:DL-12W, DL-15W, DL-18W, DL-21W( 4700K, 7000K,Beam:15 )
2, LED Spotlight: MR16-4W, MR16-5W, MR16-8W
3, LED Bar Light: AL-72. ( 4700K, 7000K, Beam:30 )

3, the negotiating room:

Discussion areas to create a lighting design focuses on communication between the atmosphere relaxed. Light levels should not be too high, as far as possible the strong glare of decorative lighting. Way to install the suspension, clear light facial expressions, color temperature should not be too high, to avoid giving a sense of apathy is not enthusiastic. In order to facilitate customers recommend custom jewelry shopping guide to style, the light should be focused on a countertop

Recommended lamp

1, LED Grid Light: GL-12W, GL-24W, GL-36W.( 3300K, or 6000K, Beam:60 )
2, LED Ceiling Light: CL-18W, CL-25W.CL-9W, CL-4W ( 3300K, or 6000K, )

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